Keeping it Cool

Next to oil, coolant (aka antifreeze) is the most crucial fluid under the hood of your vehicle.  Coolant is what keeps the motor from overheating.  Most of the coolant is in the radiator, but it is always being cycled through the engine by the water pump, which is driven by the timing belt.  Air passing through the radiator cools down the hot antifreeze that is coming from the engine.  This constant cycle keeps the temperature at a level that prevents the engine from becoming too hot to operate.

How does a cooling system work?  Click here...
Maintaining the right level of coolant in the radiator is essential to making sure that your vehicle does not overheat.  Caution: Never try to open the radiator cap when the vehicle is hot!  The coolant in the system is pressurized and can burst out of the radiator as scalding steam that can cause serious burns.

Over time, residue and mineral deposits build up in the radiator and engine block.  To prevent this, we recommend flushing the cooling system, changing the radiator cap, and inspecting the system for leaks.  When you bring your vehicle into Larsen Auto Care, we can inspect your cooling system, perform a complete system flush, and order and install any necessary parts.

We recommend a cooling system flush about every 30,000 miles, but it is never too early to have your cooling system inspected.  An overall check for obvious leaks is part of our regular maintenance inspection, but it may
be necessary to perform a pressure check to troubleshoot less apparent leaks.

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